EMS SynClean HD Official Approved by Multiple Commercial Aircraft Manufacturers

Oct 11, 2016

EMS today announced that its SynClean HD product has received multiple certifications to be used as an exterior cleaner, degreaser, carbon remover and interior cleaner of commercial, fleet and military aircraft. Boeing, Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers maintain strict testing protocols to ensure products used on their aircraft meet their operational safety standards. SynClean HD has been confirmed to conform and exceed the specifications below:

AIRBUS AIMS09-00-002 – External and General Cleaner
Boeing D6 17487 Revision T – Exterior General Cleaner
Boring D6 7127 Revision P – Interior Cleaner
Douglas CSD No 1 Type I – External General Cleaner

“SynClean HD has a long history being used by the U.S Navy and Coast Guard for planes and helicopters over the years” said John MacDonald, President of EMS. “The same formulation that has been on the National Space Agency’s Priority Procurement List since 2001 for the cleaning of aircraft and spacecraft will now be cleaning commercial and fleet aircraft around the world.” “Our SynClean technology allows customers to avoid the dangers posed by caustics, solvents, alcohol, EDTA and soaps without sacrificing the cleaning power their industries demand,” stated Tim Otto, Vice President of EMS. “SynClean HD carries a triple-zero HMIS score and is formulated with ingredients and technology known to the U.S. EPA, proven to exceed requirements for direct release and biodegradation per OECD guidelines and manufactured in a USDA Bio Preferred and Green Circle certified facility.”

For more information about this product, contact Enviroly Solutions at (800) 683-4668

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